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Temporary Spaces are free and open to the public. These temporary spaces are hosted and supplied by Public-Source for any and all practitioners to host events, exhibitions and workshops. Working closely with educational institutions we also offer our spaces to students across the North-West to help promote and support their works. Although we can not guarantee the specific size and features of each temporary space, we renovate and restore these spaces into a functioning exhibition venue. To utilise these spaces to the best of our ability we do not offer long-run exhibitions of more than 2 months, this is to maximise the benefits to as many practitioners as possible throughout our tenure. Specific rules and regulations may apply to each venue, these will be published in our temporary spaces guides along with all details of each occupied space - as these spaces are only available for a limited time, deadlines and eviction information will also be published to help plan for events.

By hosting your event through our Temporary Spaces project, we will try to support and promote all who are involved, offering design services for promotional material and access to our team for exhibition publications and documents. For more information please feel free contact us.

Our Events ||

All events and exhibitions related to projects from Public–Source will be hosted at our temporary spaces throughout or occupation. With all of our exhibitions being free to the public, we will also be offering a number of other long term projects, including workshops, lectures and community projects, working alongside communities to support and raise awareness of local issues and stories. More information on all of our projects and events will be coming soon with the launch of our first temporary space.

Although we hope to occupy these spaces for as long as we can, unfortunately we are only granted access to these unused spaces for limited time periods that vary from venue to venue - When possible all deadline dates for eviction will be noted and published. We at Public-Source cover any rent and bills relating to the venue and attempt to restore the space to a functioning exhibition venue before release. As a non-profit community interest company we rely heavily on the sales of our publications and donations to continue our hard work.

James Wrigley & Jonathan Tomlinson